A main part of AMIL’s activities involves the qualification of aircraft ground de/anti-icing fluids according to SAE Aerospace Material Specifications (AMS) and Aerospace Standards (AS). The performance tests can be divided into four categories:

  • The evaluation of icing protection time under different simulations of freezing precipitation. Traditionally there were two general endurance tests: Water Spray Endurance Test (WSET) and High Humidity Endurance Test (HHET).
  • Endurance time testing : indoor/outdoor snow tests and other freezing precipitations.
  • Assessing aerodynamic elimination acceptability of fluid residues during take-off acceleration. Two take-off acceleration ramps are simulated, one for high take-off speed transport jet aircraft (High-Speed Ramp Aerodynamic Test), the other for low take-off speed commuter aircraft (Low-Speed Ramp Aerodynamic Test).
  • Physical properties, fluid stability tests, effect on aircraft materials and environmental information.