The Anti-icing Materials International Laboratory (AMIL) is an icing research laboratory affiliated with the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi, located in the City of Saguenay in the Province of Quebec, Canada. AMIL is a team of scientists, graduate students and, technicians who specialize in the study of icing phenomena. Their aim is to solve icing problems and minimize their inconveniences. AMIL’s infrastructure includes two icing wind tunnels and five climate chambers where various types of icing precipitations can be simulated. AMIL sponsors many Aerospace Standards and Specifications of the Society of Automotive Engineers and is the only laboratory in the world accredited to qualify aircraft ground de/anti-icing fluids for icing protection and aerodynamic performance. Over the past 20 years, we have extended our expertise to the evaluation of icephobic coatings under controlled icing conditions. More recently, we also carry out deicing and anti-icing performance tests and catalytic carbon brake disk oxidation tests for runway and taxiway de/anti-icing chemicals. AMIL’s facilities are particularly well adapted to run small-scale setups under highly controlled freezing conditions.

Being a University research laboratory, AMIL main mission remains the formation of Highly Qualified People by providing scholarship to undergraduate, master, doctorate, post-doctorate students.

Our vision: Providing high quality research!