The Aerodynamic Performance Test (APT) consists of measuring the drag and lift forces on an aerodynamic profile, either uncoated or coated with a candidate coating, to measure the effect of the coating on its aerodynamic properties. A representative icing cloud can also be produced on the uncoated and coated profiles to measure the effect of the coating on ice accumulation.

This test is conducted in AMIL’s icing wind tunnel with an aerodynamic balance installed outside the test section to measure the lift, drag and pitching moment on the aerodynamic profile throughout the testing sequence. The aerodynamic profile proposed is NACA0012, with a constant section 0.5 m (20 in.) long by 0.16 m (6.3 in.) chord. Other objects can also be tested with the aerodynamic balance.


The balance is made of two aluminum arms attached with rods under bearing. Load cells are installed at the end of each arm to measure the vertical and horizontal loads, and a torque meter is installed at the profile (or object) attachment to measure torque.


At the attachment, the lift and drag forces as well as the pitching moment are calculated from the horizontal and vertical forces measured with load cells, and the torque is measured at the attachment with a torque meter.